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Introducing the Arin® Power Server PL8000T: Your Ultimate Workhorse


Get ready to elevate your computing experience with the Arin® Power Server PL8000T. This high-performance 4U server is designed to meet the demands of even the most resource-intensive tasks. Let's dive into the specifications that make this server a powerhouse:


Processing Power: Equipped with 2 x Intel  Xeon  Platinum 8260 Processors, each boasting 24 cores and 48 threads, this server delivers exceptional processing power with a clock speed of 2.40 GHz. Supported by the Intel  C621 Chipset Server Board, it can handle dual Intel  Xeon  Scalable Processors, providing a maximum power of 205W.


Memory: With a whopping 256 GB of memory, delivered through 8 x 64GB modules running at 3200 MHz, this server ensures smooth multitasking and efficient data handling. It supports up to 2TB of memory across its 16 DIMM slots, ensuring you have room to grow.


Storage: The Arin® Power Server PL8000T offers versatile storage options. It features an Intel  C621 controller that supports 14 SATA3 ports (6 Gbps) with RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 capabilities. Additionally, it comes with 2 x 8TB Enterprise SATA Hard Disk Drives, 1 x 960GB Enterprise Misuse SSD, and 4 x 2.4TB SAS Enterprise Disk Drives, providing ample space for your data storage needs.


Networking: Stay connected seamlessly with 2 x 10G Ethernet and 2 x 1G Ethernet ports, offering high-speed network connectivity for your data-intensive applications.


Redundant Power: The Arin® Power Server PL8000T includes 2 x 1200 Watt Redundant Power Supplies, ensuring uptime and reliability for your critical operations.


Operating System: Pre-installed with Windows 11 Pro, you'll have access to the latest features and security enhancements for your server environment.

Arin® Power Server AR-PL8000T/4U 8Bay Hotswap/256GB/960GB SSD/ 9.6GB ENT Disk

Sales Tax Included
  • Model No: Arin® Power Server AR-SL8000T

    Processor: Intel  Xeon  Platinum 8260 2.4 GHz 24C 48T

    Memory: 256GB 3200 MHz

    Hard Disk Drive: 2 X 8TB ENTERPRISE Sata Hard Disk Drive + 1 x 960GB Enterprise Misuse SSD + 4 X 2.4TB SAS ENTERPRISE DISK DRIVE

    Power Supply (PSU): 800W 80 Plus Platinum.

    Ethernet: Dual LAN ports.

    Operating System: DOS.

    Warranty: 3Yr Onsite Advance Replacement Warranty Across India.

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