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Arin Computer Solutions at a Glance

We at Arin Computer has enormous technical capacity to provide any kind of latest solution in a very professional manner. We are the organisation having all kind of solutions for our client under one roof.  
Server Infrastructure


Arin Computer provides superb & reliable technology in a cost-efficient and powerful server infrastructure amounts to a business imperative you cannot afford to ignore. Enterprises need to remain at the competitive edge of the market all the times, and this is possible only with faster, safer and more reliable access to information and resources.

Arin Computer over a decade’s experience in design, deployment and maintenance of server infrastructure, in small, medium and enterprise client environments.

Arin Computer Advantage

We ensure integrated and comprehensive solutions for server computing, storage, backup, archiving and disaster recovery, with maximum scalability, security and performance.
Solutions at a Glance

• Enterprise Server Infrastructure Solutions for SMBs and Enterprises.

• Infrastructure Rack and Blade System Servers, Data Center Class servers.

• Tiered cluster environments for business critical applications such as ERP, Service Provider Hosted Services, E-commerce using Rack or Blade System Servers.

• Intel, Ibm Integrity (Rack or Blade) Servers



Storage Solution


We are always looking for affordable alternatives to address the continuous growth of storage without compromising data security, integrity and availability. We always offers a comprehensive range of Storage solutions from EMC to ensure that critical data of your company is safe and stored in the most intelligent way, with simplified access.

Arin Computer Advantage

Multi tenancy and Tiered Storage Capabilities.
Ensure Business Continuity and High Availability

Solutions at a Glance

  • Storage Consolidation Services.

  • Data Backup & Recovery System.

  • Disaster Recovery Solutions.

  • Data De-duplication & Replication Solutions

  • Storage Area Network Management

Arin Partners


Virtualization is a technology that is here to stay, as more and more organizations join the bandwagon, enjoying its many benefits including built-in automation, accelerated IT service delivery, increased operational efficiency, and brings better ROI with reduced capital expenditure.

Arin Computer adopts the best tools and practices in building virtual environments for enterprises, providing a flexible infrastructure that can easily change and scale to the changing business environment.


Arin Computer Advantage

• Provides end-to-end virtualization solutions covering clients, servers, storage and application delivery.

• Presents advanced services such as secure sharing and collaboration, improving efficiency.

• Is VMWare Authorized Partner, backed by certified professionals.

• Has enormous industry experience and skillsets to design and deploy VMWare, and Hyper-V Based Virtual Infrastructure.

Solutions at a Glance
• Desktop (Client) Virtualization.
• Server Virtualization.
• Application Delivery

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